At a Glance

  • Founded in 2001 by the CSES parent community

  • Primary source of funding for educational enrichment resources

  • Funded solely through the generous support of Carderock parents

  • Independent from the CSES PTA, the two organizations work collaboratively for the betterment of our children's education

Through parent contributions, the Educational Foundation funds online resources, instructional tools, professional development and enrichment classes.

Did you know your Foundation donations have funded all of the below?

  • Student Online Learning Tools (PebbleGo, BrainPop, PowerKids Science, Newsela, One More Story and more)

  • Teacher Instructional Tools (Learning Ally Audio Books, Read 30/60/90 prizes, other classroom resources

  • Professional Development (Leadership, Mindfulness, Reading/Writing and Equity training workshops)

  • Arts Enrichment (Organizing and subsidizing of Drama Cubs, the school's drama club)

  • STEM Enrichment (Organizing and funding of complimentary science and technology classes)


Amy Troop


Brian Lerman


Sarah Bennett

CSES Principal

Jae Lee

CSES Staff Development

Mary Pat Veihmeyer 

Fall Membership Campaign Chair

Hammere Gebreyes


Drama Chair

Lipika Dash

STEM Chair

Ted Duncan


Philanthropy Chair & PTA Liaison

Jackie Karp


Auction Co-chairs

Jen Roscetti

Lorelei Pisha


Spring Event Co-chairs 

Marc Rampulla

Karolyn Lewandowski

Creative Chair

Pamela Liptak

Communications Chair

Michele Chang 

Members at Large

Michael Katsaros

Doug Kuckelman

Carderock Springs Elementary School Educational Foundation

9812 Falls Road, Box #114-209  Potomac, Maryland 20854