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Habitat Garden


The new habitat garden features seating as part of a retaining wall that can accommodate at least one classroom. Teachers can use this space as an outdoor classroom to learn about plants and other science-related topics. The Habitat garden is a work in progress, still needing landscaping, benches and plantings to truly make it an outdoor classroom.




With the fairly steep slope behind the school, an amphitheater was a natural fit and a long-standing request from parents, teachers, and the community. The standard amphitheater that the school system provides consists of railroad ties and mulch. The Foundation paid for a long-lasting amphitheater made out of concrete, with alternating Carderock stone risers. A sun study indicates that by early spring the amphitheater will get plenty of sun to keep it dry and attractive for teachers and students alike to use. The seating capacity is quite large, supporting the seating of two full grades. The amphitheater provides a solution to the grading of the hill and a resource for the entire community.


Electronic Bulletin Boards 


The Foundation purchased and installed two LCD screens -- one for the entryway upstairs and one for the vestibule downstairs. These screens enable the school PTA and administration to communicate important information to staff, students, and parents, while enhancing school spirit. Students will be able to help design slides to run on the screens, which will be integrated into the school's computer system. The Foundation purchased the screens separately to save on markup costs and the builders wired the locations for the two screens.


Basketball Backboards 


Two glass rectangular backboards were installed at the basketball hoops at either end of the gym, replacing the smaller, fan-shaped aluminum backboards that would have normally been installed as part of the standard MCPS design.


Upgraded Carderock School Sign 


The Foundation was able to fund an upgraded school sign for the front of the building, which was precast and faced in indigenous Carderock stone. It is viewable approaching the school from either direction and adds to the uniqueness of the building. 


Terrazzo Tile Flooring in Lobby 


Terrazzo tile was installed as the flooring in the main level lobby area. In addition to the aesthetic advantages it provides as you enter the school, it also adds durability to a high-traffic area, and will reduce long-term maintenance and replacement costs, freeing up future CSES school funds for educational purposes. 


Stone Base Around Front Columns of School 


With the Foundation's support, the architect, Beery Rio, designed columns outside the front of the school that have indigenous Carderock stone bases.

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