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18 years of teachers and students benefiting from your generous support

In recent years, the Foundation has supported CSES in three main areas:

  • Technology in the classrooms

  • Technology classes for students

  • Mini-grants to support teachers

The Foundation continues to work closely with MCPS, the principal, teachers and staff to help fund gaps and suggest enhancements for CSES, both for today and as a legacy for the future. The financial support and involvement of the CSES community is integral to the attainment of the Foundation's goals. Due to generous donations and dedication to our mission to-date, what was already recognized as one of the best elementary schools in the country is now even better. 

Technology in the classrooms

One of the Foundation's primary goals is to ensure that CSES has the technology it needs to enhance and facilitate the learning process. Thanks to the generous support of our parent community, the Foundation purchased three new carts of Chromebooks for the 2017/2018 school year. The new Chromebooks were put into the Kindergarten and 1st grade classrooms. The Kindergarten Chromebooks are touchscreen for easier use. Over the years, the Foundation has purchased over 100 laptops and carts of Chromebooks for multiple grades.

In addition, the Foundation has provided iPads for the Autism classrooms, Kindergarten and 1st and 2nd grades to use as part of their learning centers for math and reading. And during the 2015/2016 school year, the Foundation sponsored the implementation of the Carderock Broadcast Studio which 5th graders use to produce a weekly Carderock Today show.

Technology classes for students

A second goal of the Foundation is to offer complimentary before-school classes for all students to improve and advance STEM skills. For the 2019/2020 school year, the Foundation is proud to offer four, six-week sessions. This year, the classes will be taught by Carderock teachers and will focus on the following STEM principles:

  • Open-ended problem-solving

  • Hands-on learning – no screens

  • Application of design method

Registration is now open on A to Z for Sessions 1 and 2:

Session 1 will begin on Thursday, 9/26 and run each week from 8-9am until 10/31.

Session 2 will begin on Thursday, 11/7 and run each week from 8-9am until 12/19.

For more information, please see the 2019/20 STEM classes handout

Mini-grants to support teachers

Through mini-grants, the Foundation has fulfilled the needs of teachers, staff and students by providing resources that make each classroom a unique learning environment. This program helps build classroom libraries, enhances the curriculum and inspires creativity. Teachers and staff submit mini-grant requests which are reviewed by the principal and the Foundation Board. Teachers and staff are able to get funding for professional development courses. Other resources funded by mini-grants include:


  • Rainbow sight word rewards

  • STEM K

First Grade

  • Math Splash App / Web site

  • BrainPOP Jr (online educational resource)

Third Grade

  • Habitat Garden sundial to support revised science curriculum

Autism Program and Special Ed. Programs

  • Speech / language seminar

  • Membership to Council for Exceptional Children

  • State of the art assistive technology (Go talk devices) to support verbal development

Reading Specialist

  • Rewards for Read 30/60/90 campaign

  • Lucy Calkins Units of Study for Writing in the Common Core (a writing program that concentrates on the three types of writing for common core: opinion, information and narrative)

  • Reading A to Z license (an online reading program that includes leveled books, worksheets and quizzes)

Specials (Media / Art / Music)

  • Art cart for Ms. Seebohm

  • Art exemplars of well-established artists displayed in art classroom

  • Media Center art project installation

All Grades

  • Newsela subscription (Newsela is a database of current event stories tailor-made for classroom use. Stories can be accessed in different formats based on reading level.)

  • Teacher and staff educational training seminars

  • Mindfulness teacher training, books and classroom tools

  • Science Night event

  • Handwriting Without Tears

  • RAZ Kids subscription

  • Spelling City subscription

  • PebbleGo subscription

  • EduTyping subscription

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